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10 October 2006 @ 10:05 pm
Very supersonic  

Yeahah! I'm finally fourteen. Honestly, I don't feel any different. At all. 

There was a surprise party sort of thing that my mom tried to organize but... no she failed. I found out thanks to Jack Shi falling off his chair and getting stuck upside down, haha. I didn't know what we were doing for my surprise party until I found out we were in downtown Toronto (I was blindfolded the whole time) So yeah. We went and saw a hockey game in my mom's boss' box. Leafs vs. Canadiens. It was pretty cool. If my mom had to actually pay for the night we would be poor, fast. It was kind of embarrasing, they had some of my kiddie pictures on the wall and now they're on the MIII conference. Anyways, the game wasn't that great. The leafs lost in the shootout 3-2. Matts Sundin's face looks really retarded. Yeah, and the people invited were random too (thanks mom). There was Daphne, Anny, David, Jack, Samik, Hannah, Bianca Marie, Kevin and Surinder, not to mention Kevin's parents AND Jack's parents. Was sort of unlucky though, we had extra tickets cus Heba and Kelly didn't show up, but s'ok. Got lots of clothing and stuffs, some candy and ninety bucks in cash, pretty sweet. Thanks to all you who showed up!!!

Oh yeah, and that morning, there was a church volleyball tourney, that was pretty sick. We had Ken, Jon, Athena, Mel and Hyland (because Joanne sprained her ankle). In fact - hehe - our team was better than it would have been, but we'll keep that to ourselves. There were some other teams there, including a university team from York (and they were using a 17-U net)!!! Well it was pretty nice, we won our first two matches but we finally got beaten by another team in our quarter-final match. Great fun.

On Sunday, a bunch of the church guys came over to chill for a bit, pretty fun and all, except Ken, Jon, Hyland and Chris didn't show up till ten or so, pretty lame. So we were going to go skate but the lineup was wayyyyy to long (haha, mostly comprised of black teenagers). Sooo... we ended up going to the bowling alley, but that was closed to, so we ended up going to McDonalds to grab a bite on the way home. I really like their one thirty nine value picks!!!


My sister came back for the weekend, brought me and my mom some stuff from Queen's (nice sweater, thanks!). She also came to the thanksgiving dinner, and was off on Monday. Haha, you never did cook that salmon stuff you said you would. 


Gosh, I am so pumped for the snowboarding season. Hey Sarah!! You snowboard, right??? Tell me you snowboard.


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duckduckhoward on October 11th, 2006 07:57 pm (UTC)
and how come i wasn't invited to the hockey game? haha i was invited to the bsb concert you were DYING to see lol