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25 September 2006 @ 09:43 pm
The Holy Dark makes the coldest night  

Got back from a three day trip to Camp Ahmek in Algonquin Park three days ago... I will now attempt to recount all that happened during my stay there.

We arrived at Camp Ahmek - Wapomeo on Friday. The bus ride up was... interesting. Our bus was comprised of the cabins Chippawa, Cozy Rosy, Weevo Peeata A and B and some other random cabins. I would later learn that the happening that was Surinder switching out of our cabin would turn out to be a very good thing. Way up there, it was very, very cold. Our cabins were colder. Our cabin was named Chippawa. It was actually half of a wooden shack-like building. The other half of our building was another cabin that was comprised of Ali D, Thomas Jayson and some other n00bs. Our cabin, along with the rest of them (with the exception of Jason's that had an electric light) had not electricity, no heating and no insulation. What they did have was four wooden walls with lots of holes in them, lots of graffitie and metal bed frames with a couple of mattresses thrown on top. The camp itself was pretty good in terms of its layout. See, Ahmek is actually the boys section of a much larger camp, whereas Wapameo, on the other side of the lake is the girls section. The boys section was made up of two groups of cabins seperated by a body of water called Wigwam Bay. This body of water could only be crossed by bridge or by a path near the back of the camp. They used this bay to conveniently seperate the boys and girls cabins. We had been told beforehand that this camp would be nothing like Wanakita (it sure felt just as cold) and that cabin hopping would not be tolerated and punished severely. Even with these warnings the same people were determined to cabinhop and they did (although they got caught... but even then, they hardly got into any trouble). I also cabinhopped but I was discrete about it and DID NOT get caught ^^. There was nothing on the girls side except the cabins whereas the guys side had everything... the dining hall, washrooms both docks and the pool. After settling into our cabins (mine was Samik, Matthew Yibo and I) everyone was called to the huge dining hall for rules and announcements. The dining hall was ahuge building with blazing firest at each end. This was where we would have the rest of our meals (and leadership crap). The food at Ahmek was disgusting. After that we had our first rotation. This is where camp starts. 

For first rotation I had signed up for swimming, but I quickly changed my mind when I heard Ravi yelling "Shrinkage, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yeah... so instead I headed into the dining hall with Leo, Matthew, Kelly, Mark, Nick, Ellen, Nathalie and some other people. Some guitar by the fire and we were still freezing cold. The whole time Leo was flashing me the dirtiest looks ever, and I think I know why, but I'm not going to assume. Another classic case of Ryan trying to keep out of the way of his buddies, geez. My next rotation was High Ropes but I switched to Tennis instead, which turned out to be really fun. It was my first time playing but I'm pretty good, if I do say so myself. I lost against Jack Zhou though; he's much better I think. My third rotation was canoeing which turned out to be really fun... I was with Leo, Anny, Connie, David, Daemon, Eva, Amina and Daphne (tell me if I missed anyone). Daphne was wearing a lifejacket that said "DICK" on the back in big bold letters, and the paddling worked up an appetite in Eva. All really fun, although I got soaked.

During the three days we had lots of leadership workshops which included group games, films, and sessions. During the "Ahmek Leadership Challenge", we ran out of money and Yibo and I earned SEVENTY DOLLARS $$ from card tricks; most of those n00bs were getting like, fives and tens but we got SEVENTY DOLLARS $$. We also had this thing where we had to identify your leadership strength. At first I was tempted to choose zest, but on second thought I switched to social intelligence. After that I wanted to switch to judgement but I didn't. I dunno, most of the leadership stuff was things we already knew. And as I always say, the world can be explained by math... there is a formula for everything! They did this "magical levitation" thing but in reality it was just a simple physics equation with some "focus and you can do it" mumbo jumbo mixed in... xlbs/4 people = easy lifting =)

The bus ride back was really fun too.

At camp I had lots of fun, I learned little and thought many thoughts. I saw the true colors of some people, I made friends, got closer with friends I already had. But all that was because it was a camp. I dunno... I cna feel it going back to normal again. Geez I hate this.


My parents are being really faggy and so they want me to sleep at ten o clock. TEN! How retarded is that?


I got facebook, but its really hard to use. It really is just one big bandwagon. Or as someone else said, one big donkey cart. 


Amina's having a breakdown and so... yeah. Got some news that sort of surprised me, although  I had already suspected half of them. Still, it means nothing to me.
I have rekindled my interest for sharp, shiny things.

Dance coming up. One thing I will be looking forward too. Although... I don't know why.

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thousandemotion on September 30th, 2006 09:47 pm (UTC)
Aww, you're such a wimp (:P) the water was awesome!
Dance=awesome so much better than the prev. ones
What's wrong with having to go to bed t 10:00? That's what I've been doing for the past few years XD Ahh well, I like sleeping. Most of my day comprises of it. Sleeping, Eating and Laughing.